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I have decided to change this part around a bit, because before, well, quite frankly, it sucked, so if this is thy first viewing of my Book, thou art one of the lucky ones.

On to the Introduction thing: My Web Book is really just that: a book, on the Web. It is full of mostly random stuff in no particular order, much like other books I have read. The way it works is quite simple: I think of something that interests me, I develop it into something useable, and put it on a page. That then becomes the last page of the book, so I can just add pages and pages ad infinitum, or ad nauseam, depending upon whether thou likest the book or not.

There are links to each page below in the Table of Contents. My original idea was to have each page link directly to the next page, so that thou would'st have to go in the order that stuff was placed in the book, but that sort of fell apart after a while. So thou wilt get a ways going like that, but then it stops, and thou hast to come back here to get to the link for the next page. I suppose I could, now that I am revising this part, fixt that part as well, but frankly, I am much too lazy for that sort of thing. Like a rug on Valium, as Larry Burns once said.

Thou mayest at this point be wondering why I use the archaic form thou instead of you, and I suppose I could tell thee, but then I would have to ask thee to kill thyself (the lazy thing, remember).

Well, that's about it, so now on to the

Table of Contents

Brought to thee by

St. Paul 6, Minnesota

"The Suicidal Soliloquy" An english paper on Hamlet

"Quintus et Leonardus DiCaprius Asinum Vincunt" In Latin. Now with English Translation.

"Shipping with Captain Bob" In English.

"Leonardo DiCaprio Salva a los Burros" In Spanish.

The Book of Ridiculus.

Thoughts on Blake's poem "The Chimney Sweeper"


News from 1942

A poem in an alien language

My Silly Manifesto

A passage from the epic poem Beowulf recounting the hero's battle with the ferocious monster Godsylla

The F-Word

Various songs in Latin.

"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" By T. S. Eliot.

Various Latin short stories.

Legal Stuff.

A story based on a Claritin ad.

"Protest Gone Wrong" Based on a true story.

Now with crappy illustrations!
This is a work in progress, so Ile be adding to it and revising it occasionally.

"The Duke and the Dragon," Narrative poem version.

The second part of the Book of Ridiculus.

"Ain't I a Woman?" 1851 speech by Sojourner Truth.

"Oracle"A poem by Erin, a friend of mine.

Stuff My Dad Wrote.

A translation of a lovely Spanish story by Don Juan Manuel

Three Very Short Tragedies.

My Rantings.

Poetry Section

I moved my poetry here so that it shouldn't be inflicted upon thee unless thou art brave and really want it to be. It doesn't really help, though, because if thou art going through the book as I originally intended, the poems are in the same place; I'm too lazy to go about changing the links right now, though I might later.

"Ode to My Truck."

A poem about my Radial Arm Saw.

A poem about making a table: "Renovation."

A poem about sex: "Fleeting Music."

A poem called,"It Just Don't Make No Sense."

Cheese Sonnet

Other Cheese Poems

Other Stuff

Four Little Kittens.

I think I need a page with links to other places I like: Here is that page.

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