Here there may be found various amusing, silly or other pictures that I like.

First: Everybody's favourite Genocidal maniac. . . in leiderhosen!

Second: The Fifteen and Thirty dollar bills.

Third: Kurt Cobain with a kitten.

Fourth: The wonderful and beautiful Antinous.

Fifth: A lovely Harpsichord.

Sixth: An old, beat up taxicab sign.

Seventh: A lovely 1949 Allis-Chalmers model C tractor.

Eighth: The famous Droeshout Engraving of Shakespeare from the First Folio, with a message from Ben Jonson.

Ninth: A fine bit of sculpture: Michelangelo's David

Tenth: Other sculptures: Moses, Venus de Milo, Bacchus with his pet faun, and finally, Eros.

Eleventh: Some stuff I made of wood
Eleventh and a half: Ugly stuff I can make of plastic laminate.

Twelfth: Johann Sebastian Bach.

Thirteenth:Lovely seventeenth century woodcuts from the First Folio of the Works of Shakespeare.

Fourteenth: My kitties.

Fifteenth: A contest of sorts: if thou canst correctly guess where this picture is from, thou wilt win a fabulous prize. It must be stated,however, that the picture has been slightly altered, but divulging the nature of the alteration might give away the source; I can say, though, that none of tha actual things depicted in the picture have been changed. To guess where the picture is from, send email to

Sixteenth: Some guests we had a while back, whom we enjoyed having, though they were not invited, and they came in the middle of the night.

Seventeenth: I have no idea why anyone would care, but these are the kinds of trees I have

Eighteenth: Where I live.

Nineteenth: My great grandfather, Frank Corrin Hodgson, in his office at the Law Firm of Oppenheimer, Dickson, Hodgson, Brown & Donnelly. The picture was taken around the early to mid thirties, judging by the phone and the pictures of my grandmother and great grandmother on the cabinet against the wall.

Twentieth: An ancient document from England—see if you can decipher it.
Here is my best attempt at deciphering it.

Twenty-first:A weird cow-thing, drawn in my notebook by my friend Bellator.

Twenty-second: A lovely ancient Roman mosaic, excavated from the ruins of Popmeii.

Twenty-third: My favourite painting by Eduard Manet, entitled Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe.

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