Stuff I Deem Righteous and Which Thou Should'st See.

Hmmmm, where to begin? Well, here's a nice idiotic place.

The Bible is always a good thing to look at, and this one is very handy.
Here are a few more Bibles: The Bible Gateway This one has many different versions and languages to compare.
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible Very interesting, to say the least.
Catholic Online A Catholic Bible, with several books not contained in Protestant versions.

Learn all about Freemasonry from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

Read the works of William Shakespeare, the greatest writer who has ever lived.

Learn about the Nation of New Andlyand.

See some of the works of the great Italian artist Michelangelo.

Ponder the complete text of the great epic poem Beowulf, presented in the original Old English.

Hear the works of the great John Philip Sousa.

Look at the wonderful replica arms of

Learn lots of stuff on

Read the works of Christpher Marlowe, a very good writer and a contemporary of Shakespeare. These works are presented in the original late Middle English.

For Bach lovers: Also, a wonderful Hungarian Guitarist, József Eötvös, who has transcribed Bach's Goldberg Variations for guitar. Thou canst purchase his CDs at this site (only $20, including S&H), but apparently nowhere else. He also has a CD of some Chopin piano works transcribed for guitar.

From WBEZ in Chicago, "This American Life" is a wonderful radio programme that brings lots of stories into thy home. Thou canst listen on the Web, or on thy local Public Radio station.

A very good site with help for teenage depression:

"Ask a Nurse" The website of my cyber-friend from the Spirituality forum at, Richard_RN.

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