The Second Book of Ridiculus.

And the Lord God spake unto me, saying, My Son, Jesus, has to do his Laundry today.

And I said unto the Lord, Lord, What wouldst thou with me? I am thy slave and will obey thee in all things.

And the Lord God spake again unto me, saying, I wish thee to go to the Laundromat to assist my Son Jesus if he needs it; he has never done laundry before.

And I did go to the Laundromat.

And Jesus had not yet arrived there.

And I did walk hither and thither in boredom waiting for him.

And Jesus did eventually arrive at the Laundromat

And Jesus had forgotten that he was supposed to do his laundry. And I spake unto Jesus, saying, Dost thou not know that the Laundromat is for doing thy laundry?

And Jesus said unto me, O, I forgot. Ile just go home and get it. And he left.

And Jehewedmoael did come into the laundromat with his wife, Lebeweloamael. And Jehewedmoael knew his wife Lebeweloamael and she conceived and bore a son, and Jehewedmoael called his name Selevwelegoamaloheal. And Selevwelegoamaloheal begat Gulwahaetomaelubazoahadeel. And Gulwahaetomaelubazoahadeel begat Tuvahodajoba- hoolaquael. And Tuvahodajobahoolaquael begat Medehobaxefodlebotagoodlatohosezedeforsnequaedapraedazolo- hogafortozebegoholejihodedahobequezeholeboleel. And Medehobaxefodlebotagoodlatohosezedeforsnequaedaprae- dazolohogafortozebegoholejihodedahobequezeholeboleel begat Mehodeleael.

And the whole family left the Laundromat.

And Jesus eventually came back with his laundry.

And Jesus had brought his own laundry detergent. And he did put all his clothes in the washing machine.

And Jesus did open his laundry detergent and did put some in the machine.

And Jesus did go to the Change Machine and it did give unto Jesus his change. And Jesus saw that the Change Machine was good, and he blessed it.

And Jesus put money into the washing machine and did turn it on.

And Jesus spake unto me, saying, Um, do you think I should have separated the light from the dark?

And I said unto Jesus, Thou hast no dark clothes, my Lord.

And Jesus did grin and we did laugh hysterically.

And I did go with Jesus into the back room, and Jesus did take off his robes, and we did make sweet love by the fire.

And the fire department did come to put out the fire, as it had spread from the fireplace into the pile of oily rags in the cardboard box which was stored much too close to the fireplace.

And the Fire Marshall spake unto me, saying, Thou shouldst not store thy oily rags so close to thy fireplace.

And I said unto the Fire Marshall, It is not my fireplace.

And the Fire Marshall became quite irate and did cause the Laundromat to be closed down.

And the Lord did grin, and the people did dance gaily about in the streets.

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