Other Cheese Poems


Mizithra tastes good
On linguini with pesto
Itís cheese of the gods

Limburger, I hear,
Tastes pretty good, if you can
Get it in your mouth

Cheese Poem #4

Cheese is ambrosia;
It makes me into a god.
So hard, like a bass guitar
Falling on your head,
Or soft, like a babyís head.
Given me by Apollo,
Made from divine milk,
It takes me to Olympus.
It calls me to it:
Come! I will comfort thee!
And I will go to it,
When I have time,
But it is not special.

But its smell is strong,
Like majestic mouldy socks
And I am unencantenated.
It calls me again, but oddly:
Close thine eyes, and while
Thou sleepest, heaven
Will change thy fortune
From evil to good.
I try to close my ears,
But its call is like
The Siren.
Then it stops;
I am me again.