Ode to my Truck

 83 GMC,
Kinda rusty, really dirty,
Dented pretty good,
But your engine runs
Well enough,

And those new brakes are nice,
Like new shoes, for a truck,
These new ones hardly ever lock up
And send us screeching
Sideways down the road.

The sound of your speedometer
Comforts me on the road,
Constant, increasing with speed,
Like a heart,
Beating faster
The more you run.

Your acceleration
Is not as fast as the
Rolls Royce Phantom II,
But it gets me past
The slow slow semis
On 35W in the morning,
Reaching speeds
Upwards of 85 mph.,
Much to my surprise;
I hadn’t thought
You had it in you.
Never a disappointment.
Maybe you’d do all right
On the Autobahn
After all. The only problem
Would be the one Eric had
On that hill in Wisconsin:
“How fast are we going?”
His friend asked
As the car shook so violently
That it felt as if might fall apart.
“I don’t know,” Eric replied,
“The needle stopped at 120!”

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