The Duke and the Dragon
Narrative poem version

This was written extemporaneously in a chatroom, so it's not great, but I liked it anyway.

Upon the tall tower Egbert sat,
The cold wind tugging at his cloak and hat.

He turned his eye up to the sky,
And a dragon there did he spy.

The Duke ordered the men ready for battle
Before the dragon ate all the cattle.

The men gathered up sword and shield
And headed out to the battlefield.

On the way to the field the men did pray
That God should let them survive the day.

But God was not upon their side,
And the dragon's fire did toast their hides.

Then the Duke travelled to the dragon's lair,
Where tremendous heat did fill the air.

Down in the cave, the dragon lay
Awaiting the arrival of his prey.

The Duke stood boldly forth to fight,
And fight they did, day and night,

Til the dragon, weary, sat down and said,
“I don’t want to fight; I’d rather be dead.

“If you kill me now, today,
Then quietly go on your way,

“I’le thank you, Sir, and be indebted.”
And the Duke agreed, but his face was wetted.

So the Duke cut the dragon’s breast apart
And drove his sword in his ancient heart.

And the dragon lay down on the floor of his cave,
The place that would be his eternal grave.

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