The following is the best I can do at deciphering this document. The words I can't make out are provided so you can try to read them. If you can read any of them, please email me and if I agree with your assessment of the word, I will put it in. Good Luck.

This Indenture made the twentyeight day of June and in the twentyfourth year of the reigne of our Souvreigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of god King of England Scotland France and Ireland defender of the faith Anno Domini 1675 Betweene Rowland Hodgson of in the of Ainstable and County of Cumberland on the one part, and Matthew Bertye of the in the same and County aforesaid, yeoman on this other witnesseth that the said Rowland Hodgson for divers good Causes and Considerations him thereunto and especially for and in Consideration of the whole and Just Sume of Sixteene pounds of Lawfull English money to him well and truly Satisfied and payed by the Saide Matthew Bertye before the Ensealing and delivery of those presents whereof and wherewith he the Saide Rowland Hodgson doth Acknowledge himselfe fully satisfied, and payed, and thereof, and Every parte thereof doth Clearly Acquitt, and discharge the Saide Matthew Berty his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assignes for ever by those present, hath gitten granted bargained Sold and Confirmed and by those present, bargaine, Sell and confirme unto the Saide Matthew Berty All that Cloase called and knowne by the name of Sowfield Cloase, Lying betweene the Cloases of George on the North Side, and John pearsons of on the South side, together with alittle house at the west end of the Saide Cloase commonly knowne by the name of the Lowland Shiels now or late in the tenur and possession of the Saide Rowland Hodgson or his Assignes of the yearly and Anuall Rent of A peny freehold Rent to be payed yearly and every yeare unto John Browne of the Churchyard in the of Ainstable and to his heirs and Assignees, together with all ways Easments Commons moors walls of pasture and Commodities hereditam and Advantages, also all writtings Courtroofs Surrounding what other writtings soever to the Same belonging or in any wise apertainning to have and to holde all the aforesaide Close or Closes being within the aforesaid Manor of Ainstable with the house, with all and Singular the aforementioned , wayes Easements, profits Commodities Advantages hereditament, with every of their Apurtenantes Aforementioned unto the Saide Matthew Berty his Heirs and Assignes for Ever yealding and paying therefore yearly unto the aforesaid John Browne his heirs and assignes the annual and yearly rent of one penny freehold Rent at or upon the feast of St Michael the Arch Angell And the said Rowland Hodgson doth by these for himself his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assignes Covenant grant Agree to and with the Saide Matthew Berty his heirs Executors Administrators and assignes shall and lawfully may from time to time and at all times heareafter forever peaceably and quietly have hold occupy and injoy the aforesaid Cloase or Cloases and the house with all the aforementioned premisses and whatsoever without any manner of , Suit, Stop, trouble, Molestation, Eviction, or incumbrance whatsoever of him the said Rowland Hodgson or any other person or persons whatsoever And that the Saide Rowland Hodgson or his Assignes at the next Court to be Holden within the Manor of Ainstable Aforesaid shall voluntarily come into the Saide Court and in open court before the and Acknowledge this Indenture and the bargaine and Sale therein contained to be his act and deede and then and there allow the Same to be and the Saide Matthew Berty Admitted freehold thereof and the Saide Rowland Hodgson his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assignes shall upon demande make such further and better Assurance be it by deede, writting, surrender, and to doe all other act or acts thinge or thinges as by the of him the Saide Matthew Berty his heirs or Assignes shalbe advized or devized In witnes whereof the aforesaid Rowland Hodgson unto this Indenture hath interchangeably sett his hand and Seale the day and yeare first above written.

Rowland Hodgson               His Mark X and Seale