Ugly Stuff I Can Make of Plastic Laminate

I am not particularly fond of plastic laminate, either working with it or having it in my home, but many people, for some inexplicable reason, seem to like it. It is for this reason that I am required to learn how to apply it and bend it and put seams in it and so forth. On this page, then, thou wilt find some pictures of stuff I have made withplastic laminate. If thou art unfamiliar with the term "plastic laminate," It is that stuff that is often used on kitchen counters; it is produced by varous companies, most notably Formica, of which thou hast no doubt heard.

Here are three coffee tables, stacked one upon another, one of which I made; I am not sure, however, which one it is.

This is a very, very heavy file cabinet. It is constructed entirely of particle board and medium density fibreboard (MDF); I estimate its weight to be about 120 pounds.

The ugly colour of laminate on the above pieces was chosen by my instructor, as he thought it fairly neutral, which I suppose it is, and therefore suitable for placement in most homes and offices. I nevertheless hold that it is terribly ugly and is suitable for nothing other than inceneration.

Soon I shall add a picture of a less ugly thing I made, my Parsons table.