Prince Indulf and the Jealous King

Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince named Indulf who lived with his father, King Eocha and his aunt Gruoch in a magnificent castle in Wales.

Indulf loved his aunt Gruoch very much, and he always sat with her when she was doing whatever it was people did back then. Anyway, King Eocha was quite jealous of Gruoch and decided he would have her assassinated so that perhaps Indulf would hang out with him instead.

So Eocha hired the greatest assassin in all of Wales, a dodgy little fellow named Edwy. Edwy crept up behind Gruoch with a dagger and was about to stab her in the back when Indulf saw him, drew his own dagger, and threw it with uncanny accuracy right into Edwy's left eye.

Gruoch was much startled by all this, and screamed at the sight of Edwy's body with the dagger sticking out. A multitude of guards fell upon Gruoch's chamber at the noise, and took her away to safety. The captain of the guard stayed behind and questioned Indulf as to what exactly had passed. Indulf explained all, and, upon examination of the corpse, a letter was discovered indicating King Eocha's involvement.

Indulf went immediately to the throne room where he found his father alone. He asked him why he had tried to have Gruoch killed.

King Eocha admitted that he was jealous of Indulf's relationship with Gruoch, upon which Indulf laughed heartily before grabbing his father's head and snapping his neck with one deft manoeuvre.

So Indulf became king and he lived happily ever after with his aunt Gruoch.

The End.