More News from 1942.

(From Late Dispatches)

Russia today announced a new offensive against German forces in the Arctic, reportedthe Nazi's second winter defense line had been broken by the Soviet capture of the steel center of Lyudinovo, 40 miles north of Bryansk, and claimed new successes west and northwest of Moscow.

The German High Command reported merely that sharp fighting is continuing before Moscow and in the Valdai region between Moscow and Leningrad, with no considerable operations elsewhere.

Berlin announced the death of Lieutenant Colonel von Boddien, who was honored for leading a German attack on Russian landing forces at [unreadable; paper is damaged] in the Crimea, Boddien was said to have caused the deaths of 300 Russian men and 1,300 “partisans”.

WASHINGTON—(U.P.)—Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox said today that the U. S. Navy is not idle and will strike “where and when we are ready, not before”.

Speaking at the opening session of a three-day meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors, Knox warned that there will be “other reverses” besides the “severe losses” suffered at Pearl Harbor.

The Task of the United States and British navies, he said, is to have "Effective in all the seas, all the oceans.

“I would not be frank with you,” he said, “if I led you to believe that you could expect favorable, dramatic developments of trumphant American, full-scale naval engagements in the Pacific in the near future. The elements of distance, of time, and the necessarilly wide distribution of our naval forces preclude what I know you all wish me to suggest: Early, conclusive shutdown with the Japanese navy.

“But you know that by this I do not mean to imply that the Pacific fleet is idle and you will hear from it again and again; when and where strategic considerations dictate.”

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